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Exclusive Just Jared Interview to

Gossip Girl hunk Penn Badgley rubs shoulders at the exclusive opening of the Renaissance New York Hotel 57 on Thursday (September 17) in New York City.
The 22-year-old Gossip Girl hunk gave an exclusive interview after British singing sensation
Mr Hudson’s smashing performance.

JJ: Hi, Penn! How have you been?
PB: I’m great - I can’t complain. You’re always done up more than the rest of the people here! This jacket is very nice - what is this? (tugs at jacket zipper)
Zara! It looks even nicer than that, though.
JJ: Thank you! What’d you think of Mr Hudson’s performance?
PB: He’s great - I’d never even seen or heard of him before and it was nice - it was simple, pleasant music.
JJ: How was
the US Open [with girlfriend Blake Lively]?
PB: It was amazing - I loved it! I had never watched tennis in person and I’d grown up being aware of it and watching it but it was so much more exciting to see in person. [Roger] Federer with that
between-the-legs shot - that was f—in’ incredible. That was really the highlight of my weekend - I was hoping for that kind of moment. At that point, I was expecting it. The game had reached a point where it was either going to end soon or it was going to go on for, like, two hours. So I was hoping, hoping, hoping that would happen. It was great.
JJ: Did you watch the finals?
PB: You know what, I was working and I wasn’t able to see them, so I heard just today that del Potro won! He is two years younger than me! I was looking through the US Open profile thing and he was born in ‘88. Amazing.
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JJ: Where’s Blake — is she shooting Gossip Girl?
PB: She’s working tonight.
JJ: I want to talk to you guys together!
PB: I know! She’s the star of the show - what can I say?
JJ: How has Fashion Week been?
PB: I didn’t do anything except for tonight - I did [Tommy] Hilfiger’s show. It was great - a lot of fun. I
sat next to Taylor Swift! I’d never met her before - she was very sweet.
JJ: How was the
Anna Sui event? How are the clothes?
PB: They were for girls, mostly. The idea is that it’s a Gossip Girl line for cheaper. I support that.
JJ: Have you visited Blake on
the set of The Town yet?
PB: I went up to Boston - she wasn’t shooting, but we went up for the Red Sox/Yankees game. And the rest of the time, I’ve been on location shooting. I know what the job entails, so I don’t want to be there distracting her. I like to spend my own time by myself so I give her that respect. In fact, a lot of the time, she wants me to come and I say, “No, I think you should take it.”
JJ: I heard she gets it on with
Ben Affleck - are you going to be jealous?
PB: I’ll say this, because we don’t talk about this much, but in another relationship, I might be - but with her, she and I have such an unbelievable trust. So in this situation, no, I’m not remotely. It’s not that I’m an inconceivably jealous person, but in this particular relationship, no.
JJ: Do you have any tattoos?
PB: No, but there’s a design that I’ve had for about four years that I want to get, but it’s a little large and it’s kind of weird.
(Someone from the hotel interjects and asks me if I’m doing an interview. Clearly, I was. I had an audio recorder out this whole time and she asks who I’m interviewing for.)
PB: Just Jared! This is Just Jared here!!!
JJ: Who was that lady?
PB: I don’t know, I met her yesterday.
JJ: Back to your tattoo — what’s the design of?
PB: It’s weird. I’m sure everybody who reads this is going to be, like, “What the f*** is he thinking?” It’s a design that kind of goes up this way (he touches his rib cage underneath his right armpit). It’s weird and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get it.
JJ: Did you draw it yourself?
PB: Yes, because I draw. You know, the first thing I ever wanted to do was be a cartoonist, so yeah. Drawing has been a long passion of mine, so I designed it.
JJ: Have you watched any of the other CW shows yet, like Vampire Diaries?
PB: I saw a little bit of Vampire Diaries and I liked it - it looked sharp and I like the main guy, who I met and is a really nice guy. I actually just met
Sara Paxton from The Beautiful Life. She’s a sweet girl. I haven’t seen many of the shows - it seems like they’re doing well, though.Read

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