Friday, October 1, 2010

Alec Baldwin Wants Blake Lively Naked ... for PETA

Vegetarian actor Alec Baldwin has had some bumps along the way in his career (um, Mercury Rising?) and in his personal life (you know what I'm talking about) but the one thing that has been bump free for him is his commitment to animal rights. And for that, we like him. (And also for 30 Rock).
Not one to shy away from taking a stand, remember that Alec Baldwin was one of the first public figure to come forth and talk about how disgusted he was over the Conklin dairy farm abuse case. And now, he has a new position to discuss. He’s urging young Hollywood of the female persuasion to get buck naked in the name of animal rights.

By young Hollywood, he's really talking to Blake Lively, who he has deemed gorgeous clothed, but even more gorgeous, naked with a big PETA poster behind her.



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