Monday, November 28, 2011

New Photo of Blake and her sisters!

Lori, Blake and Robyn Lively
“I think our biggest sister ritual these days is trying on Louboutins and oohing and aahing together,” says Gossip Girl star Blake Lively (center), 24. Raised in Los Angeles in an acting family—their father is a former Dukes of Hazzard regular, their mother a talent manager—the Lively girls “rarely get much sleep when we’re together,” says the New York–based Blake. “We play dress-up and Ninjas of Destruction, which is a very physical game.” Though she prefers to stay with Robyn (right), an actress, or Lori (left), an acting coach, when she visits L.A., Blake also “reserves a hotel room so that we can all go there to order room service, swim, and jump on the bed.” And practical jokes are also part of the repertoire of this trio, who grew up wearing matching necklaces that read Sisters, Friends Forever. For Mother’s Day one year, Blake impersonated Robyn, posing with her sister’s husband and children for what she calls “a sweet family portrait” that she turned into a greeting card. “I gave the card to Robyn, and it said Happy Mother’s Day From Our Family to Yours. She loved it.”

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