Friday, October 8, 2010

Blake & Taylor Are Spotted Wearing The Same Dress On The Gossip Girl Set! (2)

Get ready for some serious drama — it looks like there’s going to be a masquerade mixup between the two blondes!

Am I the only one who’s going through deja vu? Not only is there going to be another masquerade ball on Gossip Girl — the first time we saw a masked party was in season one, where Nate (Chace Crawford) confused Jenny (Taylor Momsen) for Serena (Blake Lively) and confessed his feelings for her — but the two blondes were spotted on set in the same exact blue Carolina Herrera gown in NYC, carrying the same exact mask!

While the ethereal gown was gorgeous, coincidences rarely happen on Gossip Girl so this sight can only mean we’re in store for some serious drama! Last season, Jenny realized she had feelings for Nate and manipulatively tried to steal him away from Serena — it looks like although little J went away, she’s back to her old antics showing up to a ball in the same exact get-up!



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