Friday, October 8, 2010

Blake Lively Turns Pup Photographer

Showing some love to a canine fan, Blake Lively was spotted out in New York City earlier today (October 6).

The “Gossip Girl” babe posed for pictures with a Rottweiler pooch, and even took some of her own. She also snapped a few shots with a passing female fan.

As for her gig with “The Town,” Blake told press she wasn't initially aware she was hanging out with actual criminals on the film’s set.

“We were doing this scene in a real bar in Charlestown. And Ben [Affleck, director and star] went and filled it with real ex-cons – which I didn’t know! That was until they started telling me, ‘Oh yeah, yeah. I was in prison, and I just got out two months ago.’”

Enjoy the pictures of Blake Lively on the set of "Gossip Girl" (October 6).



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