Saturday, October 9, 2010

Holy Double Vision! Find Out Why Taylor Momsen Is Copying Blake Lively on Gossip Girl

Blake Lively, Taylor Momsen
Cue the horror music: Little J is back on Gossip Girl and totally going all Single White Female on Serena!

How else can you explain the photos that were just snapped on set of Taylor Momsen and Blake Lively wearing the exact same ballgown?

Actually, we have the inside scoop from sources. But first a warning: Spoiler Alert!

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According to my source, Jenny's same-dress (and in one photo, she's wearing a mask!) masquerade is all part of Juliet's (Katie Cassidy) master plan to take down Serena. Yeah, in case you haven't figured it out yet, Juliet is out for some cold hard revenge, and I'm told she'll end up recruiting not-so-little-anymore Jenny Humphrey—and another major character—in her grand scheme.

Any guesses on who that other character is? I'm all ears...

Oh, and one final thought. Remember the last time Jenny wore a mask and people thought she was Serena? The masquerade ball in season one? Nate kissed her. Good times.

The next episode of Gossip Girl airs this Monday on the CW.



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